i was born awkward.

in SHINee fanfiction

  • Taemin: KEY UMMA~~
  • i want banana milk~
  • whats masturbating?
  • im so innocent hehehe
  • Key: *waves around a spatula*
  • omg i love shopping and im such a DIVA
  • taeminnie is my son~
  • i-its not like im in love you b-babo
  • minho get away from my son!
  • Minho: ugh i love him but ill never tell him
  • no taemin is too innocent
  • help me jonghyun hyung
  • help me onew hyung
  • i love him key and theres nothing you can do about it
  • Onew: i love chicken
  • yes minho, taemin likes you back
  • yes jonghyun, key likes you back
  • why am i always in the middle of all this shit?
  • did you say chicken?
  • key are we having chicken for dinner?
  • Jonghyun: key lets have sex
  • god im so hot
  • key, sex, now
  • sex
  • i love you
  • sex

Don't stop the party Let's keep it naughty, yeah Watch me act a fool Tomorrow when I run into you 


Don't stop the party 
Let's keep it naughty, yeah 
Watch me act a fool 
Tomorrow when I run into you 

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A little bit of sunshine to soothe the Onew ache

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get out, you’re too perfect!

52/∞ - Kim Kibum
52/∞ - Kim Kibum

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